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Wellness Center in Elizabethtown

At Life Force Wellness Center, we believe that optimal wellness is within the reach of everyone. Our veteran-owned and operated facility in Elizabethtown, Kentucky strives to provide evidence-based services equipped with experienced professionals so you can embrace your best self! transform your current life into something extraordinary! Join us today and see how great you can feel! Life is a journey not a race! Lets take it to gather at Life Force Wellness Center!

We are a veteran-owned and operated, exclusive wellness center with evidence-based technology to optimize your well-being. We are excited to advocate for your wellness and guide you towards relaxation.

Self-Care Services

We have the tools to transform your life physically and emotionally and help you gain a positive outlook.

Our one-of-a-kind salt room improves respiratory wellness, while our vibroacoustic wellness beds revitalize the body. We also offer effective anti-aging with red light therapy.

Life's Force Wellness Center


Not sure what program would be best for you? Schedule a consultation, and we'll tailor a therapy program just for you.

Supporting Research

All of our wellness treatments are founded based on science. Learn more about the supporting research.